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Learning to Fail Productively
  A great article demonstrating the importance of allowing students to struggle with a new concept before telling them how to do it. It addresses teachers concerns about how students who are taught this way perform on traditional tests. The r (More)
Stanford Online Course Complete
This week I completed the \'How to Learn Maths\' online course. It was a very worthwhile course, presenting interesting research strongly linked to practical classroom strategies. The insights into the importance of a growth mindset particularly stru (More)
Coding and Cool Thinking
Each year in May all of Year 7 take part in the World of Maths Roadshow. This is an incursion during which the students have the opportunity to engage in hand-on problem solving activities, and the students have a lot of fun. It is scheduled to coinc (More)
first attempt at coding
To be more accurate, my first attempt at coding since I did Computer Studies at school in 1979... and this was so much more fun!! I have had a go with two possible products to see how accessible they are, how age-appropriate, and what the potentia (More)
Apps for Good
This looks like it would be a perfect thing for the ‘action’ part of ‘Taking a Deeper Look’ in Year 10 Integrated. I haven’t looked at how technically difficult it would be, but the idea is superb! (More)
FutureSchools conference
Have attended the first day of the \'Teaching Kids to Code\' stream of the Future Schools Conference today, as part of our \'Embedding Excellence\' initiative. Listened to some convincing arguments about why we should teach coding, or more importantl (More)
Canvas plannning
I have spent some time looking at what Canvas has to offer, with the help of presentations by Martin and Marco, and discussion with colleagues form other schools. I realised that it was important to plan carefully what the structure of the maths page (More)
Stanford MOOC
I enrolled in a Stanford online course called \'Introduction to Mathematical Thinking\'. I was attracted to it as I participated in another Stanford course last year on how students learn mathematics, and the theme of my Loreto 5 this year is \'Promo (More)
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