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26th October 2015
Today I embarked on my journey across Asia. My first stop is the People's Republic of China, the world's most populous country. China is an incredibly large and diverse country geographically, it spans over 9.597 million km² and includes deserts, rai (More)
27th October 2015
Visiting Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City   Today was a very mild day, it was quite smoggy out my hotel window this morning, but this is quite normal for Beijing. In fact, the image below is one that I took on my first day here, (More)
I have been reading Mao's Last Dancer and there is a vast difference between what life was like then to what like is like now. Nowadays, parts of China are developed but some rural areas still have some similarities from the history of China. One dif (More)
Day 4 - China
Nín hǎo On my final day in China, I visited various houses of historians that explained to me the most important aspects of Chinese life. Culture is still very rich and versatile and can be seen throughout the celebration of traditional festivals su (More)
Day 3 - China
Nín hǎo Day 3 was full of studying the literature and media within Chinese modern culture. An autobiography that I came across in the State Library before I went on my trip was called \'Mao\'s Last Dancer\' by Li Cunxin. Li wrote this story about hi (More)
Day 2 - China
Nín hǎo After an aching day of walking and discovering the main historical landmarks of Beijing city, I was finally able to sit down and write my journal for the day. Day 2 consisted of going to two of the most visited places in the world: The Great (More)
Day 1 - China
Nín hǎo! It is Day 1 and after an eight hour flight I finally arrived in China! We touch-downed into Beijing and once I managed to find my way to the tour group and get outside, I finally got a whiff of the immensely polluted air. I almost choked it (More)
Mao\'s Last Dancer - Wedding Questions
Like Adeline Yen Mah, Li Cunxin uses a ‘date-stamp’ to contextualise his story for readers. In A Wedding, Quindao, 1946, what is the Chinese ideal of beauty and how does it affect the bride? Give egs from the text. The idea of beauty is bound f (More)
Chinese Cinderella
What reasons does Mah give for telling her story? (p2) Mah wants to appeal to all the people across the world who feels like they are unwanted, or discarded. She wants her story to live on even after she has passed, so everyone who is feeling t (More)
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