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YCON News Alert Day 1 from Loretonh on Vimeo. (More)
Interview about Veto with China and Russia
Kate McDuff - Why did you veto? Sophie Keen - Because we’re going to lose the vote and Russia believes in chemical weapons primarily for safety, but also for scaring the other countries and making sure that the USA remembers that it\'s not the onl (More)
Congratulations Brasil!
Big congratulations to your favourite embassy - Brasil! (More)
Embassy Vote
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world\'s leading questionnaire tool. (More)
The Working Parties Opinions
Recently the General Assembly debated the issue of chemical weapons and whether facilities that could be used to produce chemical weapons should be decommissioned. Today, we spoke with the working parties from each of the 10 embassies to discuss thei (More)
Tuesday 18/11/2014- Working Party Groups
Tuesday 18/11/2014- Working Party Groups In today’s activities, girls from each country relocated into different groups with topics such as; nuclear weapons, immigration, natural resources, nutrition, education and culture. In the duration of the (More)
Electing Secretary General
Day 2- 18/11/2014 This morning we attended a general assembly, this resulted in each country electing their president to become the secretary general and expressing their argument to the additional dedicates. After the deliberation, the votes came (More)
A Brief Interview with the Secretary General
We spoke today with the newly elected Secretary General, Cara Stone about her feelings on her new role within Youth Conference. More)
Secretary General
Cara Stone, Nigeria (More)
Brazil agrees with first issue
\"We have never developed nor do we intend to develop chemical weapons as we believe it is an inhumane response to war and conflict. Additionally, Brazil, in terms of energy, is one of the cleanest places on the planet and we want to preserve our env (More)
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