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DLS Sem 2 Final Report
DLS Sem 1 Report 2014
Overview of research project The focus of the project is to further integrate ICT and technology into the curriculum by developing ‘flipped’ units of work in Stage 6 PDHPE and CAFS. To achieve this, syllabus dot points/key concepts will be linked (More)
Loreto 5 presentation to teaching staff
This week saw the first Loreto 5 presentations to teaching staff. See below for an overview of my presentation: (More)
Everyslide: pre-reading and prior learning.
I\'ve reviewed the website Everyslide in a previous post. This week, I\'ve developed a pre-reading resource for HSC CAFS Core 1, with a focus on research fundamentals. To explore the interactive nature of this web tool: Step 1: Go to More)
https://everyslide.comIs a free tool that allows you to share your slides directly to the iPads, laptops etc used by members of your audience. As you move through your shared slides you can pop-up a poll to gath (More)
Weebly - PDHPE website for senior courses
Over the last week or so, I\'ve been researching which web 2.0 tool to use to best deliver the flipped content for PDHPE & CAFS. After researching many user reviews, templates, costs, functionality etc...I\'ve decided to start working on a dedica (More)
Refining VCASMO
Another enjoyable and creative week playing in \'the pit\' with VCASMO. For a polished product, I would encourage users to complete two seperate files before uploadingg to VCASMO: 1. Video product - using movie maker, animoto, iMovie etc (More)
VCASMO ( is a multimedia presentation solution for personal photo-video slide show. It is designed to display video alongside a PowerPoint slide show. Vcasmo is a  helpful tool for combining (More)
Movie Maker...old is new.
Over the last couple of weeks, I been using Windows Movie Maker as a video editing tool to develop flipped videos for the PDHPE and CAFS classroom. This has been an effective shift away from screencasting, as early feedback from students about the va (More)
Youtube as a source for curating flipped videos
I have been sourcing youtube video clips to curate flipped videos for the senior CAFS and PDHPE classroom. The sheer quantity of information available on youtube is staggering, however with sound refinements in each search eg. length of video, tags, (More)
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