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ELH Lorne Keynotes and Critical Discussions
Keynotes and Workshops Expanded Learning Horizons (ELH) Lorne Keynote Sylvia Martinez CMK Press President Sylvia developed the GPS satellite system. Maker Movement - global revolution in tools and technology. Two hastags to follow: #ma (More)
AIS ICT Integrators Conference AISITIC2013
AISITIC 2013 Conference   This Conference included my involvement as a member of the AIS Conference organization Committee and also as a presenter.  Due to my commitments in assisting with introducing workshops these notes focus on the two k (More)
Social Media @Loreto Normanhurst May 2011 First post
Social Media @Loreto Normanhurst The school is now in a position to open communication with the whole school community channels through Facebook and Twitter.  Increasingly,  research and anecdotal evidence suggests  of the value of using Social Me (More)
Digital Footprint Reputation and Citizenship 2011
Newsletter Learning Technologies Update June 2011 A student recently mentioned that she initially found the laptop a distraction and now that the novelty had worn off she was more focused at using it for learning at school.    We were very pleased t (More)
Loreto Life 2011 Semester 1
Loreto’s approach to holistic learning is fully enhanced through the use of learning technologies.  Our aim, in partnership with teachers and parents, is for the girls to view ICT as one of many tools to enhance learning and understanding. Student (More)
Newsletter Term 1 2011
Newsletter Term 1 2011 By the end of Week 4 Term 1 all Year 7-11 students had in their possession a laptop as part of the Loreto Normanhurst’s 1:1 Laptop Program.  In addition, Year 12 students can access school laptops and bring in their own. (More)
Tips for using laptops
Why we should restart our laptop… It is important to restart our laptop daily. If you do not restart our laptop.. You will see not our network drives We cannot protect your laptop from viruses It will damage your laptop hard drive which will corr (More)
Digital Pathways - DFRAC
DFRAC stands for Digital Footprint Reputation and Citizenship and the basis of the thinking in this post.   The digital citizenship journey - understanding your digital footprint and managing your digital reputation Beware of the send b (More)
Horizon Reports 2004-2013
Hi all,   here is a summary of the Horizon report for 2004 - 2013  -  Preliminary findings - 2013. cheers Martin More)
uLearn 2012
ULearn, Auckland New Zealand October 10-12 2012   Conference Introduction Ulearn 2012 Conference was organised by Core education.  Core Education is based in Chris (More)
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