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27th November 2015
I am afraid that I have fallen rather ill. I am not sure how, but I have a bad case of Delhi belly so I am now bedridden and as a result have watched hours of Indian television, including multiple Bollywood films. I am currently half way through a mo (More)
23rd November 2015
I arrived in India this morning! Flying into India's capital city New Delhi, I was greeted with the most awe-inspiring site! The expansive city spreads out to the horizon, a mass of apartments, houses, and slums. The occasional green patches creat (More)
Bollywood Films
Bollywood plays a big role in India as song and dance is very important in India. Below are some thoughts I had about Bollywood: A westerner watching a Bollywood film for the first time would be struck by: The use of colour and dance through (More)
From Hollywood to Bollywood
A Westerner watching a Bollywood film for the first time would be struck by the typical Bollywood dancing and singing as well as the melodramatic and formulaic plots. They may find the whole film long and may lose interest as typical Bollywood films (More)
Bollywood Brainstorm
Neologism: formed by combining two words together. Bollywood is a Neologism of Bombay and Hollywood The film industry in India Watched by people around the globe Involves Dancing and singing, and has a lot of choreography. Most of the time (More)
In a country where male is more dominant than female, I wonder, are there any women that are actually successful and are an inspiration to others? I did some research and I came across a woman who I think is an inspiration to all women in India as sh (More)
Books and Styles
While in India, I have been very interested about their style of writing as every country has different styles. I came across a book called \'The Namesake\' by Jhumpa Lahiri. It was very interesting and the style of writing was something new as I hav (More)
Moments and Memories
As I have arrived in India, I was hit with all the excitement the country has. It was a massive contrast from Australia. It was certainly a bit more dangerous than Australia, but it was not a problem that would matter much. I was very excited to go t (More)
Describe how the tension between modern and traditional cultures is conveyed in the final scenes of the film Bend it Like Beckham. In your response, focus on the character of Jazz and the conflict she feels about playing football whilst meeting the expectations of her Indian family.
Throughout the film “Bend it like Beckham” there is tension faced by Jess as she goes against her family’s wishes and plays foot ball. This tension becomes more dominant towards the end of the film when Jess is at her sisters wedding and is noticeabl (More)
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