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Day 2 - North Korea
안녕하세요 annyeonghaseyo (hello) Today I decided that I would write a practice paragraph for English on my thoughts on a book written about North Korea. I was inspired by a book that I read called The Orphan Masters Son: - The intertextual use of an a (More)
9th November 2015
Today was quite long and tiring, but after a long plane trip I finally landed in North Korea. This is a place that I have been interested in visiting since Kim Jong-Un (supreme leader of North Korea), assumed office in 2011. More)
10th November 2015
Today was my first full day in Pyongyang and this Scenic Wonder of Korea really didn't disappoint. Seriously though, it is one of the Eight Scenic Wonders of Korea due to it's "splendid" vistas. I ventured out into Pyongyang early in the morni (More)
13th November 2015
I just had one of the most surreal experiences of my life, and the most mind-blowing moment of this trip so far. So as everything I do here in North Korea is chosen by the government (people I meet, places I go, etc.), there was a group of sch (More)
The Orphan Master's Son (continued)
What is your first impression of what life is like inside North Korea? Write down three pieces of evidence that support your impression. Life inside North Korea is portrayed in the extract as strict and highly controlled, which comes from the ever (More)
The Orphan Master's Son Extract
What impression of Kim Jong Il is created in the extract? Write down two pieces of evidence that support your impression. Kim John Il is characterised as a much beloved and highly regarded leader even though he is both domineering and controlling. (More)
Landing in North Korea
We descended into the darkness where the lights don't exist at night in North Korea. From the moment we touched down to the moment the sun rose  there was not a single sign of life. North Korea is a small country with a large population of 24 million (More)
Day 4 - North Korea
안녕하세요 annyeonghaseyo (hello) Yesterday I was exposed to numerous types of North Korean Propaganda including behind the scenes footage of life in this country, as well as a classroom teachers script about what students would learn within a North Kore (More)
North Korea
3rd November 2015 Hi kittens, hope you are all well and have enjoyed this trip so far. Today I stumbled upon a book that my friend once sugge (More)
Orphan Master\'s Son
1- What impression of Kim Jong Il is created in the extract? In the extract Kim Jong II is represented as omniscient and highly revered by the citizens of North Korea. The hyperbolic assertion that \"doves were seen to spontaneously flock above hi (More)
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