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Why is Hallelujah a Christmas Song?
By Olivia Holmes, Year 8     Hello Everyone, Livvy Here, and I wanted to discuss something that is not talked about, that sort of an (More)
10 Reasons why Christmas is the Best Time of the Year
  You know Christmas is coming when Christmas songs start playing everywhere you go... ...and you start singing along.  (More)
The Definitive Ranking of Reality TV Shows
By Anonymous Like many others, I like to waste my time by watching trashy reality TV. The trashier the better. I thrive off the clearly scripted drama.  But I thought I’d settle the dispute once and for all over the best reality TV show (at least (More)
Chairs: The Next Big Killer?
Unless you\'ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you\'ll know Australia has become rather fearful of late. Mostly, in this climate, of terrorism. (I\'m running with the Halloween \'fear\' theme here, guys)   I\'m here (More)
The Adam Goodes Controversy
Adam Goodes, picture: Phil Hillyard Adam Goodes. Australian of the Year 2014. Brownlow Medal for the best and fairest player 2003 and 2006. Rising Sydney Swans star. So why is he now (More)
Ten Changes that Need to Happen to Public Transport Right Now
Ten Changes that Need to Happen to Public Transport Right Now (And definitely will when I’m world leader) You’ll actually be able to HEAR the announcements. No more being late to school because you got on the wrong train after an announcement (More)
Dear Mary Worders, It is our to write this article to inform you of the good, the bad and the downright undrinkable teas in this world (but mostly the g (More)
Athletics Carnival
WE’VE GOT SPIRIT – YES WE DO – WE’VE GOT SPIRIT – HOW ‘BOUT YOU? “No.” That was me like a month ago. More)
How To Survive a Plane Trip
Let’s be honest here, the only flight you ever enjoyed was your first one, when it was still exciting and you were small enough to sleep semi-comfortably. But since then, every trip is the worst few hours of your life. Believe me, I understand. The l (More)
Is There Life Without Waste?
What if no one wasted anything that was worth saving? What if we shared what we have, since we already have too much and some have none?   I recently (More)
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