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Chess and Strategic Games Club
What is Chess and Strategic Games Club? Chess and Strategic Games Club is the best club in the school. It is where one can spend an hour and a half after school relaxing with friends and battling them in a tournament of wit, deception, and strategy (More)
Mock Trial 2017
Ana Leaver, Arta Bayatpour, Breanna Ivankovic, Eve Whittaker, Hannah John, Romy Schneider-Smith, Swetha Kumar   What is Mock Trial? Mock Trial is an extra-curricular activity in which we participate in criminal or civil trials against a (More)
Music Tour Says Goodbye!
This Friday the 23rd of June, the 2017 Orchestra and Choir Tour will depart Loreto Normanhurst at 1:30 pm. After months of rehearsals since the later part of 2016, 33 students and 6 teachers prepare to set off for a 6 pm flight to Venice. Who is Goi (More)
Coding Club Update- Tech Girls are Superheroes!
  Coding has played a prominent role in the technological revolution of the 21st century- it’s the mathematical and computer genius behind our (More)
The Green Room
By Charlotte Ainsworth, Year 11   Stage 1: Ripples “Her cancer is currently quite small, and we need to run some tests to make sure it hasn’t spread.” (More)
Event Horizons and Beyond
Jane and Stephen Hawking By Lecquia Chang, Year 11 “The message of this lecture is that black holes aren’t as black as they are painted. They are (More)
10 Struggles of Going Back To School
We all know going back to school is a little difficult so just to show just how much of a struggle it is we've listed a few of them here. 1. Everyone is still clinging onto their Christmas spirit More)
The Leadership Process
The Leadership Process It’s that time of year again. Year 11, who’ve been lurking in the shadows, have taken advantage of Year 12’s perpetual workload and have pounced; declaring themselves official School Leaders (who aren’t quite in Year 12 just (More)
Harmony Day!!
  Wikipedia - Harmony Day is held on 21 March in Australia. Harmony Day is intended to show cohesion and inclusion in Australia and promote (More)
Green Team and JPIC Update
By Abigail Aardron, Yr 11 This is an update for both JPIC and Green Team to let you all know about the amazing efforts of everyone involved, and hopefully to inspire you to come and involve yourselves with some amazing causes! Green Team: Lo (More)
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