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Loreto 5 Evaluation
Plan for August-December 2014 The below plan for year\'s remainder was devised in August just after I presented to Loreto staff. I am reflecting on the efficacy of these objectives at this point and evaluating other projects I completed. Being (More)
Loreto 5 Mid-Year Report
Initial Plan Initially, my plan for 2014 was working towards \'Flipping the Classroom\'. I had researched the theories behind it and attended professional development which also supported it. I could see the advantages of setting up a learning envir (More)
Apple\'s iMovie
The purpose of the following report is to inform you of the utility of iMovie as a pedagogical resource. I have taken an interest over the last year in creating video resources to maximise learning for students. As beneficial as it may be to stud (More)
Using QUIA for Assessments
QUIA Web is an online teaching resource that has multiple uses and applications for educating secondary students. Whe (More)
Google is the teacher\'s new best sidekick
Over the course of this semester I have \'played\' around with many different web tools and applications, and have relished having the time to do so. Quite a few of the applications I have pursued are products of the Google corporation. I thought I w (More)
QUIA for Assessments: It\'s Tricky
It\'s tricky to rock a rhyme (or quiz) that\'s right on time. This wee (More)
Visual Tutorials
I have created a range of visual tutorials was part of my Loreto 5 project work. These tutorials cover specific ICT applications such as QUIA and its set up as well as how to use OneNote and Google docs as files that can be shared for collaborative u (More)
Pilot Marking on OneNote
Pilot marking is an important process undertaken by the RE faculty. Liz Webster expressed a desire to pilot mark online for the Year 10 Jerusalem assessment task. Religious Education teaches every student in the school and because many faculty member (More)
During today\'s workshop I was exposed to many online web programmes. I spent a bit of time playing around with Pixlr and thought about how the RE faculty could use digital images in the classr (More)
Video Desktop Screen Capture
I am carrying on the legacy of what Jo Kachel was able to achieve in 2013 with Quia, importing classes for 2014 and the like. To make the use of Quia more sustainable within the faculty, it is important to educate RE teachers about the system. Not o (More)
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