9th November 2015

Today was quite long and tiring, but after a long plane trip I finally landed in North Korea. This is a place that I have been interested in visiting since Kim Jong-Un (supreme leader of North Korea), assumed office in 2011.


On the flight over however, I had some time to do some research into the nation that I was flying to, so I created a miniature mind-map to assist me.

north korea mind map


As you can see, it is incredibly professional due to the colour organisation.

Upon arrival to Pyongyang Airport, I was thoroughly surprised at the modern appearance of the building, as due to North Korea’s isolation from the rest of the world, I thought that perhaps it would be a small building with few airplanes.

pyongyang airport


As soon as I arrived, I was whisked directly onto a bus that would take us to our hotel Yanggakdo International, I wasn’t allowed to take too many photos, so the one below is the one that I managed to get as we entered.



I must go now, I am being monitored so I can’t write too much about what I am thinking.