13th November 2015

I just had one of the most surreal experiences of my life, and the most mind-blowing moment of this trip so far.

So as everything I do here in North Korea is chosen by the government (people I meet, places I go, etc.), there was a group of school children who put on a performance for me today. Despite their pitchy singing, they were quite talented. Their singing isn’t what bothered me, it was what they were singing.


Below are the lyrics and chords:

c                     a                   d

NORTH Korea, North Korea it’s the place to go

        d                                         c

With Freedom of Religion and a lot of food to show


c                   a                         d

North Korea, North Korea, the best communist state


d                                   c

Come and join us, in North Korea today (but it’s a one way trip sorry)


*tone change*

C Eb G


C                    C                    C                    Eb

KIM Jong Un, He’s the bomb, He’s the best in all the land

C                        C                     C                      Eb

KIM Jong Un, he’s our friend, though we do not see him often


*tone change*



‘What no that’s not a concentration camp’



‘’ That prison is not overflowing”



‘Those people aren’t hungry, just naturally skinny’



‘THAT might be a nuclear bomb but it’s for peaceful purposes’


*tone change*


E       D      C   E    D      C

Kim Jong Un Kim Jong Un



Kim Kim Kim Kim



Jong Jong Jong Jon g



E      D     CCCCCC

Kim Jong Unnnnnn

So those are the lyrics to arguably the most disturbing song I have ever heard, a close second behind ‘Blurred Lines’.

See what I mean? verrrrryyyy creepy

Despite this freaky occurrence, tonight we are off to a night on Pyongyang, complete with karaoke. I must get ready now, I think my guides are becoming increasingly annoyed with the amount of time I spend on my blog.