Connectedness is a Necklace


Connectedness is a necklace means that everything in connectedness is linked and that everything has a purpose. Like a necklace, connectedness needs the cause to make the effect happen, without the first loop on the necklace there would never be the second, the third and so-on and without any of these loops the necklace would not exist, with connectedness if we do not have a cause that connects to the effect the outcome will not exist. All of the loops on a necklace connect and everything that happens is connected. If the necklace loops are not connected they will not be able to form a necklace just like if nothing connected to what happened before hand we would not be able to have the outcome or the overall effect.

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In all of the Loreto schools across Australia the mission statements are very similar. They all make sure that each student comes to school with a positive attitude and that every student does their best in everything that they do. Each school makes sure to support every individual student in most ways possible. The staff at all Loreto schools share compassion for one another no matter what. The Loreto schools across Australia all share many things in common, one of them being that they’re very welcoming in the way that they make sure every student is confident to come to school each day and is confident to take risks in learning .Even though the Loreto schools have many similarities they also have many differences. One is that one of the Loreto schools is co-ed whereas most of them are all girls.



Belonging- Jeanie Baker

The main purpose of the book belonging by Jeannie Baker is to show the growth of a girl named Tracy. The book shows how she grows and matures as everything around her is changing too. The book shows her maturing as the world around her becomes more complex but at the same time it is becoming safer and more appealing. We see her life becoming more complicated when she starts going to school and then starts dating, applying to university, getting married and having kids.  At the end of the book we see her coming back to the house where she was brought up with her new baby. As the book progresses we see Tracy grow and change while everything around her changes too. When we see Tracy growing we also see her garden and the plants on the street and around her become larger. This shows us the connection between humans and plants and how we need each other to grow and develop. Without her neighbor handing her the plant over the fence her garden wouldn’t have grown and she probably would have a different personality. We see how important the environment is to our lives and how we should respect it. We see this when we can see her from the same window for the whole book most of which she is in the garden gardening. The cover of the book has two different images. The front cover shows the town before everyone’s impact on the town. Then the back cover has the end result of all the gardening.


After reading this book I have learnt many things one of them being that family is important and that every moment you spend with your family can make you into a better person. We see this when Tracy’s parents support her love for gardening. Her parents allow her to garden in their backyard which makes the whole neighborhood a different place. I also learnt that one simple move can lead to someone becoming a whole different person. An example is if Tracy’s parents didn’t buy the house and the neighbor didn’t hand her the plant over the fence she probably wouldn’t have grown a love for gardening. Another lesson I learnt from this book is that we need the environment to grow and the environment needs us. This is shown when we see Tracy being given the plant over the fence and eventually having her own garden, we see the garden grow as she grows too we also see her teaching her son/daughter how to garden at the end of the book.