Day 2 – North Korea

안녕하세요 annyeonghaseyo (hello)

Today I decided that I would write a practice paragraph for English on my thoughts on a book written about North Korea. I was inspired by a book that I read called The Orphan Masters Son:

The intertextual use of an announcement within the book The Orphan Masters Son introduces a sense of a very controlled state without much freedom, as well as strong unity. All the “citizens” within North Korea are ordered to comply with being in possession of a loudspeaker and having to listen to all the announcements made by the North Korean officials. The people aren’t able to choose if they own a speaker, therefore implying a very strict environment where North Koreans aren’t able to have much choice. Additionally, a dictatorship within North Korea promotes a poor lifestyle where they must ensure the “prolonging life of compact florescent lightbulbs”; “return to your industrial lathes and vinalon looms” to “double their output quotas”. pumpkin rind soup; pigeon snaring (rats of the sky). Moreover, a stargazing ban ensures that the “comrades” aren’t able to see the outside world. This means that they don’t want outward looking people and are not amazed or curious about the world or space.

안녕 annyeong (bye)


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