Food Service and Catering


 Welcome to the Year 10 Food Technology e portfolio.

Our first unit of work for Year 10 Food Technology is Food Service and Catering. This e portfolio has been developed so all the work you will need for this unit is in the one place and easily accessible for you. All class work, assessment tasks and practical information has been included. Some of these tasks we will work through together during class, others will be self directed by you and you will be able to work on them at your own pace, allowing your learning to be more self directed.

Unit Summary

Food service and catering are important areas of the food industry.  They provide people with both food and employment.  You will examine food service and catering ventures and their operations across a variety of settings and investigate employment opportunities. You will plan and prepare safe and appealing foods appropriate for catering for small or large scale functions.

Unit Outline

Please use the link below to access the unit outline for Food Service and Catering.

Food Service and Catering Unit Outline


This unit of work addresses the following outcomes:

5.3.2 justifies food choices by analysing the factors that influence eating habits

5.5.1 selects and employs appropriate techniques and equipment for a variety of food-specific purposes

5.5.2 plans, prepares, presents and evaluates food solutions for specific purposes

5.6.1 examines the relationship between food, technology and society



  1. Hello, I am a Food Tech teacher and am extremely impressed with this unit of work. I particularly love the MKR theme! I have just started teaching Food Tech at a Yr 10 level and am currently looking for resources. Did you design this yourself or did you find it somewhere? I would be extremely grateful for access to such a resource. Please contact me if this is at all possible.

    Kindest regards,


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