Assessment Tasks

For the Food Service and Catering unit there are 2 assessments that you are required to complete.

Assessment 1 – Your Kitchen Rules Design Folio

Assessment 2 – Case Study on McDonalds

The outline for each task is below.

Assessment Task 1 – Your Kitchen Rules Design Folio

Task overview

To enable you to individually apply what we have been learning during this unit you will create a folio of work which outlines and documents the process you have worked through to plan a dinner party.

Design Brief

‘Your Kitchen Rules’ has assigned you the challenge to plan and cater for a dinner party of 12 guests. This dinner party will be planned around a theme of your choice and it will take place in a restaurant style setting.

In your folio you must address the following areas:

 1. Create a 1 A3 page or 2 A4 page mood board to reflect your chosen theme. In   half a page discuss and justify your chosen   theme.

5 marks

 2. Outline the factors that you need to take into consideration when designing the  menu for the event. For example: age,   nutrition, colour, themes, variety, texture  and temperature

10 marks

 3. Design and present a 3 course menu for the dinner party. Remember to reflect  the theme throughout the menu.

10 marks

 4. Provide a written justification of how the menu you have designed best meets the criteria of the above brief and the factors you outlined in question 2.

10 marks

 5. Describe how you will transform the chosen space to represent a restaurant and theme. For example music, decorations, placement of tables.

10 marks

 6. Sketch and clearly label a plan of the table setting and seating arrangement for the chosen event. Justify your chosen setting for the dinner party.

10 marks

 7. Select one of the dishes from the menu you have designed (this is the dish to be  prepared in class). Write a standardized recipe card and complete an itemized costing of the dish. All ingredients must be calculated in the costing of the dish. Remember to include the portion cost and total cost for the number of guests to be served.

15 marks

 8. Develop a work flow plan and write an evaluation of the menu item considering the efficiency and effectiveness of this particular item, meeting the needs of the brief. Please note the WFP will be used in practical component and evaluation to be developed as the result of the practical.

10 marks

 9. List two of the staff positions you would need to hire to assist you with the catering of the function. Select one of the staff positions and write a job advertisement for the Sydney Morning Herald including a role description of the position you are advertising for.

10 marks

10. Discuss the factors of food presentation that need to be considered when plating and presenting meals for food service. Draw and label your chosen dish demonstrating how you will present the chosen dish in a restaurant setting. Discuss in no more than 1 page how you have considered the factors in your presentation.

10 marks


Please note the sections marked for the progress mark will be questions 1-5.

Practical Component

You are required to select one of the dishes from the menu you have designed. You will be given one lesson (55 minutes) to complete the preparation and presentation of the dish. It must be presented with the intended table setting for marking. Food orders must be submitted 10 days before the practical date. Food orders not submitted by the due date will result in loss of marks for organization.

Assessment Task

Your Kitchen Rules Assessment 1 2015

Marking Criteria

Your Kitchen Rules Folio Marksheet

Your Kitchen Rules Practical Marksheet

Assessment Task 2 – Case Study on McDonalds

Task Overview

To further develop your understanding of how different food service and catering establishments operate you will participate in an onsite visit to the McDonalds Head Office. This visit will include a presentation by a McDonalds employee on the operations of the company and a tour of the product development kitchens.

The information presented at the onsite visit will form the basis of the case study questions. You will be required to answer these case study questions in class. The case study questions will focus on any of the following areas:

  • Classification of establishment (e.g. commercial/non commercial)
  • Describe the activities undertaken by the establishment
  • Employment opportunities inclusive of back of house, front of house, management and delivery, working conditions
  • How does legislation influence the operation of the establishment e.g. WHS, EEO
  • What responsibilities does the establishment have in regard to consumer rights and responsibilities in relation to food
  • What factors influence menu planning and recipe development
  • What purchasing systems are used by the establishment e.g. ordering, receiving and purchasing food.

Further information regarding Assessment Task 1 will be discussed when you receive your assessment notification.

Further guidance for excursion – McDonalds Excursion Questions


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