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Landing in North Korea

We descended into the darkness where the lights don’t exist at night in North Korea. From the moment we touched down to the moment the sun rose  there was not a single sign of life. North Korea is a small country with a large population of 24 million yet the streets of North Korea are lifeless and look good as new.

I used to think that North Korea was a country that didn’t allow anyone in and didn’t allow anyone out. I thought that it was a communist country that was controlled by Kim Jung-un, and was very militarized. I also thought that North Korea was a poor country with little or no freedom at all, and the people are severely punished for everyday things that they do.

I now know that most of what I believed is right. However, I didn’t know that North Korea is so poor that they cannot even afford to turn the lights on at night. The streets are bare, clean and so empty because of the limited access to transport. Within the first twenty-four hours of arriving in North Korea, I have already begun learning about a country that is so foreign to me. I’m really looking forward to learning more about North Korea!

See you soon!

margauxcho18 • November 23, 2015

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