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The Orphan Master’s Son Extract

What impression of Kim Jong Il is created in the extract? Write down two pieces of evidence that support your impression.

Kim John Il is characterised as a much beloved and highly regarded leader even though he is both domineering and controlling. The reader is introduced to to the absolute control his government has in the extract’s opening lines, “Citizens, gather round your loudspeaker“,  which indicates that North Korean’s have no choice but to listen to him. Additionally, his overbearingness is captured in the fact that he ‘provides on the spot guidance to the engineers deepening the Taedong River channel” which seems like an overreach of his power. Ironically, the citizens also seem to show him respect in the repeated endearmentDear Leader”. The idea that he is beloved also comes through in the fact that even the “doves were seen to spontaneously flock above him in order to provide shade on a much needed hot day. The god-like power of exerting control over nature cements his supreme power and control.


2nd attempt: 

Kim John Il is characterised as a highly respected, dominating and manipulative dictator in the extract of ‘The Orphan Master’s Son’. The reader is introduced to the highly regarded dictator within the repetitively address him as “Dear Leader” and “Reverend General”.



margauxcho18 • November 24, 2015

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