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The Orphan Master’s Son (continued)

What is your first impression of what life is like inside North Korea? Write down three pieces of evidence that support your impression.

Life inside North Korea is portrayed in the extract as strict and highly controlled, which comes from the ever-present militaristic influence. The daily loudspeaker announcements are an embodiment of the control of the government, as ‘In your kitchens, in your offices, on your factory floors- wherever your loudspeaker is located, turn up the volume!’ clearly shows that all citizens of North Korea have to listen to the same media. We can also infer from this that there is little media exposure, as the government has provided loudspeakers for everyone in order to create another platform for the delivery of their daily propaganda. In addition, the extract conveys that the citizens of North Korea have very little freedom, as in the government announcement it states ‘But first, citizens, a treat’, suggesting that the people of North Korea do not have the means to provide themselves with a treat, nor the power. Furthermore, the limited freedom of the people is also expressed in the many bans set down by the government. ‘And don’t forget, citizens: the ban on stargazing is still in effect’ illustrates to the reader that citizens of North Korea are forbidden to enjoying small interests that may provide them with individual thoughts or opinions that directly oppose those of the militaristic government. Throughout the extract the first impression of life inside North Korea is one of control and limited freedom.

margauxcho18 • November 25, 2015

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