Let’s be honest here, the only flight you ever enjoyed was your first one, when it was still exciting and you were small enough to sleep semi-comfortably. But since then, every trip is the worst few hours of your life. Believe me, I understand. The longest flight I’ve ever been on was to Peru: 3 planes and 27 hours later, I was hungry, dehydrated and completely jetlagged. So here are ?? tips to guide you on your next journey so that you can land with your sanity still intact. (Probably.)

1. Sleep

I’ve learnt from experience that you can’t plan your sleeping time for flights; you’ll most likely get 5 minutes in before someone in the seat next to you has a violent coughing fit, or three babies start wailing incessantly, or the kid behind you thinks it’s a good idea to use your seat as a punching bag, but these are the least of your worries. Economy plane seats just aren’t designed for humans taller than 5 feet. Here are a few attempts I’ve seen on various journeys

  • The Rule-Follower


  • The “What Gravity?”


  • The Contortionist


2. Make Friends

The golden rule of air travel is to become best friends with your air hostesses. After all, s/he has complete control over the comfort of your life for the next 15 hours. Air hostesses have magical abilities that only the power of friendship can unlock. Eg.

  • Chance of an Upgrade 


  • Extra Pretzels


3. Food

Everyone knows that plane food is the absolute worst. They might call it gourmet but it’s not, it’s really not. You can do absolutely nothing to change the food on board so it’s a good idea to bring your own.


4. Avoid Crashing

The fail-proof way to avoid crashing, in the end, is just to avoid getting on the plane altogether.

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