Adam Goodes, picture: Phil Hillyard

Adam Goodes. Australian of the Year 2014. Brownlow Medal for the best and fairest player 2003 and 2006. Rising Sydney Swans star. So why is he now being booed every time he touches the ball?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about it by now (if you haven’t where have you been?!), Adam Goodes’ Indigenous celebration dance after he scored in a game of AFL.

Did I mention that he did this in Indigenous Week. Yes, yes it was. Clearly our decidedly racist country has moved on from Muslims and has decided to persecute the native people of our country instead. Really, Australia?

Of course, there are many in the media who claim this outburst of boos is not racially motivated (oh please) and here’s what some of them have said:

There’s still a great level of resentment for what he did here at the MCG a couple of years ago” says one reporter. In case you’re wondering what obscenity Goodes committed at the MCG it was calling out a teenage girl.

Calling out a teenage girl for screaming a racist slur at him, that is. Criminal behaviour.

Alan Jones said people just don’t like Goodes, and that’s not racial. “They don’t like the spear-throwing, the running in and doing a war dance…

Right so according to Jones it’s not racist to dislike someone because of their expression of their…race.

Someone please get this man a dictionary; I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what racist means.

Steve Price is in agreement with Jones. Price says “People are booing him because he has decided… to parade his indigenous credentials strongly.”

Another dictionary is in order, only this time I want to slam it against his head.

However, there have been some positive responses to this outbreak of intense racism.

Richmond, for example, wore their Dreamtime jerseys in support of Goodes and on Tuesday in Federation Square, Melbournians gathered for a Goodes-inspired flash dance. Perhaps the most creative show of support was when an anonymous user created a listing for Goodes’ invisible spear used in his dance on Ebay. Originally listed for $8.50, a further 57 bids saw the price rise to $20,200.00 before Ebay removed the listing on the grounds that it breached Ebay policy which states that only tangible items may be listed. The satirical listing described the item’s selling points including its capability of “terrifying an entire small-minded crowd with an implied lob in their direction”.

Anonymous User, I salute you.

Personally, I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. No one discriminates against the Maori players in New Zealand for doing the Haka, so what is so different about Goodes’ dance?

The answer, of course, is our blatantly racist society; a reputation well earned by Australians for our disgustingly ignorant and racist attitudes towards any culture other than our own.

Well done, Australia, well done.


By Kate Howlett

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