Do you ever see those posters or ads or people advertising how wasteful we are and how it needs to change, and think “what’s the big deal”? Well here’s the big deal. Our world really is producing so much waste that we are destroying the environment. That’s right, what you’ve been hearing is true. You might think your tiny teddies packet is so small and insignificant but every piece of litter not thrown away or recycled can have a negative and long lasting impact on the animals that chance upon it or the ecosystems it ends up in. So, wouldn’t it be nice if our grandchildren can enjoy the earth and it’s beauty instead of living in a world where they walk outside and smog is the first thing they see?

The most popular sources of pollution are:

  • Consumer packaging
  • Paper bags
  • Beverage cans
  • Straws/ Stirrers/ cups/ plates/ cutlery
  • Caps/lids or plastic bottles
  • Plastic bags
  • Food wrappers and containers

Here are some statistics and facts to help you see the enormity of our effects:

  • Australia comes under the top two producers of waste, making 650 kg per person every year!
  • A family of four produces rubbish each year to fill a three bedroom house.
  • Over 100,000 birds, whales, seals and turtles worldwide are killed by plastic every year.
  • Australians use enough plastic bags per year that if these were tied together they would stretch around the world 24 times.

So, how can we be more environmentally friendly each day? Here are our top 10 ideas:

  1. Use re-usable containers instead of plastic or zip-lock bag
  2. Use re-usable plastic water bottles
  3. Turn off computers & lights when not in use
  4. Use more non-plastic grocery bags
  5. Buy the Loreto coffee mug
  6. Recycle paper, newspaper, cardboard and phones (we have a battery box in Mrs Anderson’s office)
  7. Buy local and organic when possible!
  8. Bulk buy food & bring portions to school
  9. Walk or take public transport whenever possible
  10. Don’t leave any rubbish!

Don’t forget each week there is also Low Waste Wednesday so try and put in some extra effort to be more green just once a week at the minimum (and remember to wear your green ribbon)! Lastly there are Green Team meetings at Friday lunch times day 10 that you can get involved in.

And there you have it, the whole rundown on all things greeeeeeen We hope you take these initiatives on board because the future of our planet depends on it!

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By Aisha, Bettina and Natalie

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