Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ll know Australia has become rather fearful of late. Mostly, in this climate, of terrorism. (I’m running with the Halloween ‘fear’ theme here, guys)


I’m here to tell you, plz don’t be. What you should be afraid of is chairs. Falls off chairs have (and I have stats to back me up) killed 198 people in less than a decade. Contrastingly, on Australian soil, terrorism has killed a grand total of three people. This article does not aim to diminish the tragedy of these deaths, unexpected, undeserved and unjust as they were. But it still remains a fact that terrorism, as it is usually defined, is not a threat in this country.


Media hype has convinced us that we’re “under attack.” Truth is, the last time anyone actually invaded Australia was in 1788. In 2015, there are no besieging  armies at our door, no massive secret organisation overseas plotting to take over this little Antipodean backwater. Terrorism as conventionally understood is centred hundreds and thousands of kilometres away so please, please stop panicking about going to a train station, walking around in central Sydney, whatever. Isolated attacks scare us, yes. That is the purpose of them- to cause terror. But these kind of lunatic, random happenstances are so rare statistically in this thankfully safe country of ours that yeah, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning. Truly 🙂


If any country boarders are reading this- just be cautious and maybe alert the media because you’re 46 times more likely to die from a tractor accident than in a siege or random shooting.


So yes, terror is a threat, yes Australians have left to fight overseas, yes, in some countries it’s a genuine cause for worry, an awful reality of life.


But for the love of chocolate, stop worrying about walking down the street.




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