Seeing as planet Earth is our only home, we should probably be looking after it. It may seem as though one person doing one thing is not going to make a huge difference (believe me, I’ve lamented this belief many a time), but every step you take will have an impact, and will encourage others to also care for the environment.

Step 1. Replace plastic straws with metal straws

Step 2. Use fabric bags for shopping

Limit your use of plastic bags and ‘green’ bags. Yup. You heard me. Green bags aren’t actually that ‘green’. Whilst they are reusable and thus much better than their grey plastic alternative, green bags are ALSO made from plastic, so they won’t degrade just like their disposable counterparts. Instead buy bags made out of natural cloth or make your own with your favourite fabric!

Step 3. Take time to turn off lights and heaters, and pick up rubbish

Step 4. Plant trees
This is actually a great way to destress. I highly recommend it.

Step 5. Ride a bike instead of being driven everywhere

Step 6. Find ways to repurpose ‘waste’ items

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Did you know that thousands of coconut shells are discarded and burnt by the coconut oil, coconut water, and coconut flesh industry each year? This Australian company based in Bali is doing wonders (plus their bowls are pretty cool too!)

Step 7. Talking about reusing ‘waste’…

Check out Ocean Zen‘s cool swimmers, made out of recycled plastic from the ocean!

Step 8. Composting

Step 9. Be conscious of your water usage
On average, each Australian uses an incredible 341, 000 litres of water each year! To put it in perspective, that’s 8 swimming pools and the world average is only 57, 000 litres.

Step 10. Spread the message!
No, you don’t have to become a tree-hugging hippie, just be conscious of your own consumption of finite resources, water, and plastics, and encourage others to reduce their usage too.

And in case you hadn’t caught on yet, green is totally the new black.

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