By Nicola Rakuljic, Year 9

Black and white and grey. Opinions ingrained by people of power. Opposition destroyed by the mass of mindless people believing lies. Lies fed to them by higher-ups, who use pretty words to gain trust.

A girl of yellow, vibrant and happy, walks in a monochrome world. She knows that she needs to help, or everyone will be stuck in this world, and no one will be unique or different.

She tries to tell people this, but they ignore her. They throw their black and white and grey comments about change, their hatred about change, towards her. Her vibrant colours dim, and a deep sadness falls upon her. The darkness taints her, turning her a dirty yellow, dark and disgusting.

A boy of green, shining constantly, sees the dimness of the girl of yellow, yet he knows he cannot do anything. He wishes to stay bright, not get dragged in the void of darkness with the girl. So he walks away, telling himself that there is nothing he can do.

But he could do something. He could risk it, risk it all to save this girl from despair. But he doesn’t, and in walking away, he becomes as black and white and grey as the others, though he still burns bright.

And the yellow girls spirals down until she too is black, white and grey.

She doesn’t look up when a bright green boy walks past her, becoming duller and duller every day. And so she can’t help him, like he didn’t help her.

And the world spirals down into a black, white and grey void.

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