By Ariyana Hossain, Year 11

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123, 11 hours 0 minutes and 47 seconds, that is the approximate amount of time that the world has had to endure the political reign of Donald Trump. Controversial tweets, travel bans, Russian scandals, it feels as if we’ve seen it all.

Though it is true that there has been an increasing level of division and blatant hatred in American politics and society on the whole; interestingly enough, the last 100 or so days have produced quite an unprecedented outcome—unification against a common enemy.

Whether it’s satire, political protests or open discussion about world affairs, people are much more #woke in the age of Trump. Donald Trump’s election and his actions as president have produced a wave of political dissent around the world, across all seven continents. The very first day after Trump’s inauguration, millions of women and men marched through cities all around the world in honour of The Women’s March, which protested Trump’s treatment of women and the irrefutable truth that women’s rights are human’s rights. This is an event that will surely go down in history as one of the greatest displays of activism in the 21st century.

Another major display of “the power of the people” was the response of many Americans to Trump’s proposed travel ban. As with many other current issues, although there were sympathisers to the executive order, mass groups of citizens publicly denounced Trump’s decision in demonstrations outside parliament buildings and airports all across America.

Awareness of contemporary issues in politics and social justice have been on the rise as well, with
sales of George Orwell’s “1984” soaring in the wake of “alternative facts” stated by Donald Trump and White House aides. Demonstrations have also popped up at colleges and high schools across the country as America’s youth have vocally fought back against their President, and there are signs that this activism is translating to more than public demonstration with many more youths actively contacting their parliament representatives and pushing for reform.

The words of Kelly Baden, from the American Centre for Reproductive Rights, accurately summed up the attitudes of many people worldwide when she said: “It seems like a dark time, and it is because the threats are very real, but there is also an incredible amount of energy and motivation right now, and that should give us all hope.”

On the whole, it really is quite ironic that the very core of Trump’s inauguration speech was centred around “giving power back to the people”. Because, in the end, through his own poor actions the subsequent increase of political dissent, that’s exactly what he did.




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