By Abigail Aardron, Yr 11

This is an update for both JPIC and Green Team to let you all know about the amazing efforts of everyone involved, and hopefully to inspire you to come and involve yourselves with some amazing causes!

Green Team:

Loreto Day 2017 has gone sustainable! That’s right, as you may have already noticed, multiple efforts have been made to decrease waste production this Loreto Day to help ensure the sustainability of our planet.

The badges have been changed to sustainably sourced and recyclable beads. Every house representative is doing their part to ensure the house stalls reduce waste, and this year has seen the introduction of a dedicated sustainability team to help see this through!

Our green team is also working very hard to embrace and make ecology the priority for Normo, which is why numerous changes have been made in the boarding house. Our dedicated year 11 boarders have opted to bring in their own cutlery and cups to prevent the purchase of plastic and non-biodegradable utensils – showing their dedication to making the world cleaner and greener!

Our No Balloon initiative is also doing fabulously here at Normo, many girls are doing their part in reducing plastic waste by finding others ways to celebrate the birth of their friends – and it’s a great effort that needs to keep going, so keep up the good work.

As for an update on the Cake Stall held last week – we made an awesome amount of money, and collected plenty of bras and batteries – both of which can be recycled to (you guessed it) reduce waste!

The Green Team would also like to extend a big thank you to all the girls using keep cups at the café instead of the non-recyclable plastic cups available at the café – it’s great to see so many of you thinking sustainable.

Just a reminder for anyone with reusable plastic water bottles – make sure you keep track of them as if you lose them and don’t find it again the bottle can’t be recycled! The water bottles are great as long as they are being reused!


We had an amazing turn out for the knitting sessions and Friday lunch last week and Wednesday lunch this week but make sure we keep it up! Everyone is doing an amazing effort and we want to make sure we knit enough squares to make plenty of blankets!

JPIC’s main objective is wrapped with love these few weeks but make sure to keep a look out for more opportunities to get involved!

So come along to JPIC and Green Team and get involved!


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