This Friday the 23rd of June, the 2017 Orchestra and Choir Tour will depart Loreto Normanhurst at 1:30 pm. After months of rehearsals since the later part of 2016, 33 students and 6 teachers prepare to set off for a 6 pm flight to Venice.

Who is Going?


  • Akshara Yogesvaran
  • Alexandra Coulton
  • Annie Deng
  • Antonia Tassell
  • Arabella King
  • Beatriz Fernandez
  • Bianca Meleca
  • Caitlin La Rose
  • Christina Morris
  • Clodagh Bray
  • Da Hyoung Choi
  • Dominica Leaver
  • Ella Gray
  • Ella Nicol
  • Elly Wytenburg
  • Georgia Chien
  • Grace Campbell
  • Isabella Mincher
  • Jayda Gursel
  • Katrina Duff
  • Lucy Blomfield
  • Margaux Choo
  • Matilda Hardy
  • Maxe O’Kelly
  • Molly Noble-Booth
  • Natalie Martinez
  • Nicola Rakuljic
  • Olivia Lukac
  • Olivia McCarthy
  • Rena Xu
  • Samantha North
  • Sarah Maguire
  • Vivien Li



  • Mrs Irik
  • Miss Ashton
  • Miss Morgan
  • Mrs McIntyre
  • Ms Hanna
  • Mrs (Madame) Martin


Where are we Going?

  • Venice, Italy
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Vienna, Austria


Some Thoughts from the Girls:

“I’m really excited to get to know all of the amazing girls and play with the professional conductors. But I also have a major fear of pigeons so I’m very nervous to go to Saint Mark’s Square.” – Caity La Rose

“I’m most excited about the new friendships and amazing memories!!” – Bianca Meleca

“Definitely looking forward to sharing this amazing experience of being in Europe with all the talented students and staff who have worked so tirelessly to build up an amazing program!” – Ella Gray


Stay tuned for the next edition and listen in at Assembly for our rundown of the Tour. Have a good break 🙂

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