Ana Leaver, Arta Bayatpour, Breanna Ivankovic, Eve Whittaker, Hannah John, Romy Schneider-Smith, Swetha Kumar


What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is an extra-curricular activity in which we participate in criminal or civil trials against another school. The other school is the opposing side to us (for example, if we are the prosecution, they are the defence). It involves witnesses, solicitors and barristers.

When preparing for the Mock Trial, we are given a script which includes all evidence we can present, any precedents and the witnesses script (which needs to be memorised by each of the witnesses). In terms of how a Mock Trial runs, there is an opening statement from the first barristers, and then there is examination-in-chief for the prosecution witness one and then cross-examination. This repeats for the different witnesses and whether it is the prosecution or the defence. Examination-in-chief is the prosecution/defence questioning their own witness to establish their story (this is done through the witness memorising the script and they are  prompted by questions from the barrister). Cross-examination is the questioning or examination of the defence/prosecution’s witness from the opposing side. Its purpose is to establish flaws in the opposition’s case to strengthen their case. This is ultimately where the two sides aim to build their case.

For Mock Trial, there is a winner in the court case but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have won the Mock Trial. Throughout the trial each person in your team is individually marked on how well you do your job and how well you present your team’s case. In the end the team with the highest score wins the Mock Trial.

Highlights from our trials in 2017:

  • Our first Mock Trial by watching how everything turns out and watching how the girls in Year 11 act out a specific role
  • Going to another school and competing in a different environment
  • Our morning meetings before our trial, as we are getting excited for the actual trial, while putting in last minute preparation
  • We get good food e.g. party pies and sausage rolls 🙂
  • Winning 2 of the mock trials from this year (both by close margins)


Funny moments:

  • Dani referring to the soccer players – “My life goals”
  • The Court Officer has to call out the name of the witness repeatedly 3 times before bringing them into the room
  • There’s a dog named “Poochie” –
    • Dog racism
  • When our objection is upheld


Memes + photos from this year:


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