By Alessia Anderson & Molly Haymen

Although we are perceived as a ‘healthy world’, the average Australian eats a whopping 40 teaspoons of sugar each day!

Average consumption of sugar per 2 months


And we are not helping those statistics with Chem’s Café selling over 50 brownies each day!

Approximate amount of brownies sold per day

And it isn’t just brownies that we are hooked to, with us buying around 120 hot chocolates each month

Recommended amount for children under 18 = 3 teaspoons

So why are we soooooo hooked to this sugary food??????

Well, it has been proven by scientists that sugar is just as detrimental and addictive as serious drugs such as cocaine. But sometimes it is hard to determine which foods are bad and not as the food market has hidden sugars, that make us crave more…

Most of us are addicted to sugar, and the more we have it, the more we crave it. This is because of the reward system…

When we eat sugar, our brain releases a chemical called dopamine, a feel good chemical… but it doesn’t last long, which explains our high moods followed by lows. And once we reach this low, our brain wants more and more, fluctuating our emotional stability!

So no matter what sugar, white brown or raw, they have the same effect on your body, I mean the proof is in the pudding… all 8 teaspoons of it!

Watch this awesome film to learn more about sugar:


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