By Olivia Holmes

 I walked through the crowded forest. I heard the rumbling footsteps of a gang. I quickly hid behind a tree, I didn’t want to be in their way.

“Men, you heard the guy, look through the forest, no stone unturned!”

The gang repeats the last line.

Perfect, now I have to deal with these bozos. I quietly made my way through the forest, I then run to the one place where they aren’t positioned, which is a small amount of space, there’s like 150 people there. I make my way to a small stream. I ran down and drunk a huge gulp of water from it. I immediately felt sick. I’m gonna regret this. I quickly ran behind a bush and …. Well…. I lost my lunch. I stood up and went back to the stream to clean myself up, Ugggh , this is so gross, and now I’m hungry I honestly didn’t know how I lost my lunch , since I hadn’t had any for a while. I turned around and saw an apple, a ripe apple, thinking I needed actual food since now I’m hallucinating. Out of curiosity, I went over and saw if the apple was real, or if I needed actual food. I tried to grab the apple and… It’s real “It’s real!” I yelled, thinking the gang might be thinking that I was talking about the creature I saide “I meant an apple” they go about doing their business. I quickly snatched the apple and took a big bite out of it. “Oh MY GOD!!!” It’s beautiful. The apple was juicy and full of flavour, I was probably overreacting since I hadn’t had food in a while.


I finished the apple and made my way down the stream until I saw a little flicker of light, it immediately caught my attention. I follow the light and it then falls to the ground, I caught it and it becomes brighter, I closed my eyes and turned away , it then reveals ………a butterfly ? What?  I saw one of its wings have been broken off. I crouched down. “Oh you poor thing”

It then shines and disappears. Oh no, what have I done? I frantically look around until I spot the bottom of.. A skirt. I look up, and I see a figure. My eyes widen “What was in that apple ?”


She has a white flowing dress, with dark skin and hair. I stand up. “What the–” She immediately covers my mouth with her hand “I swear if you let them see me” She looks at me with a look that could kill. “OK” I whisper. She looks around “It’s too dangerous here, don’t freak out” A flash of bright light and we are at……. The castle grounds?!?! “Do you know where we are?!?” I whisper-shout

“Yes, we are at the safest place”

“WE can be executed if were found out”

“Well, you are, I have to go”


She starts to fade. I start to panic

“If you couldn’t tell, I am the ‘magical creature’, don’t you dare give any power to anyone else”

“By the way, why did you choose me, a sarcastic, slightly rude, girl?”

“Because, for what I’ve seen, you are a decent person, you’re not just sarcastic and rude, you know”

“That’s so cliché , seriously”

“Oh, well, suck it up , by the way , you’ll probably won’t see me again”

“Wait , WHAT !?!”


“What can I do with my powers”

She’s already gone

She finally disappears, and leaves a necklace in my hand. It is a silver chain necklace with a butterfly on it. It’s so pretty, wait , Oh My God , this is worth so much !! , yes , I cannot be poor !!. I feel a slight “Fine, Fine I won’t sell this SUPER Valuable necklace” . “Fine, Fine I won’t sell this SUPER Valuable necklace” . I quickly attach it to my neck and proceed to escape out of the castle, until a voice stops me dead in my tracks  “Hey, what are you doing here?” I turn around, it’s the princess. , I


Princess’ POV


My eyes widen, how did she get here ?!?, she an intruder, but… ah, stop it


Meira’s POV


“Uh, it’s a long story”

“That doesn’t matter, look, I don’t want you to be killed on my terms, there’s a small stream leading outside the castle walls, can you swim?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“Well, go!”

I start to head off


I turn around

“What’s your name?”

“Um, why?”


“Ok, Meira”

“I’m Layla”

“Ok, Bye I guess?”

“Yeah, Bye”


I make my way to the edge of the castle How big is this forest? also, why did she ask for my name? Is she planning to ambush me ? Kill me? I continue to ponder until I see the wall, I start sprinting to the edge of the castle, quickly looking around to find any stream, then, I spot it, a stream, I run over to it, it’s crystal clear, and there are pebbles at the bottom, and it’s decently deep for such a small lake… I was about to get ready to swim, but then I realised, I‘m wearing a skirt, this is bad. I breathe in, and start to swim, I just reach past the castle walls , and everything goes abruptly black.



Layla’s POV

I’m walking through the castle hallway, just after doing studies, and I see the guards walking by me , holding a body , I don’t have enough time to recognise who they are , so I continue on my way, but my curiosity get the better of me , and I go to my father’s quarters to find him, The door’s closed. I open it to find that he’s not there, so I continue to the throne room. Even though I’ve been here many times, I still marvel at how grand it is, the high roof, the banners of different countries around it, my father is proudly sitting at his throne. “Father?”

“Yes, my child”

I shudder that nickname stills sounds creepy

”Who is the person being brought to the dungeon?”

“Oh, that person. I have no idea who that person is”

He turns to one of the guards and askes. He turns to me

“It’s recent, someone was caught trying to escape out of the castle, idiot, they will be punished”

At that very moment, a sinking feeling in my stomach it, and I was almost sick with worry. I turn to run

“Layla? Layla ? LAYLA” is all I hear as I run to the dungeon.


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