By Ella Angell, Year 8

Sometimes we want an easy to make treat on those days where we are feeling just that tiny bit lazier than normal. So here are 4 different recipes that are easy to make and are delicious to eat.

Chocolate strawberries:


Ingredients: How to make it:


1.       Melt the chocolate however you want e.g. 10 sec bursts in the microwave or chocolate in glass bowl melted over hot water

2.       Once chocolate is melted you can dip your strawberries into the chocolate

3.       Place strawberry on a plate to harden

4.       Once hardened you can then enjoy and eat



Fairy bread:


Ingredients: How to make it:


100s and 1000s

1.       On a slice of bread spread on some butter

2.       The sprinkle 100s and 1000s onto the buttered bread

3.       Cut however way you like and eat



Fruit salad:


Ingredients: How to make it:
 Any fruit you want e.g. Watermelon, rockmelon, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, apples etc. 1.       Wash the fruit

2.       Cut the fruit

3.       Put all the fruit into a bowl

4.       And voila! Your fruit salad is made


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