What is N-Sc?


N-Sc is the Normo Science Club. It is an extracurricular activity that offers students the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom.

The Normo Science Club will help you develop your skills as a scientist, and will provide you with an opportunity to investigate areas of science in which you are interested. As a member of N-Sc, you have the opportunity to engage in practical activities, including experiments run by the supervising teachers and experiments you design yourselves.



What Do They Do?


During our sessions we may:

  • Complete a challenge task
  • Perform experiments
  • Plan and conduct experiments and investigations of your own design
  • Develop science-based learning material (such as videos, websites, posters)
  • Plan and present activities

There are also opportunities for additional excursions and sessions with scientists.



When Do They Meet?


The Normo Science Club meets every Monday after school from 3:30-4:30pm.

VISIT THEIR WEBSITE: http://normoscienceclub.weebly.com/about-us.html

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