By Lecquia Chang, Year 11



Flat screen TVs, finger print and facial recognition, tablets… what next?

An article that intrigued me most on the weekend was the recreation of ABBA as holograms in hope for a virtual live performance and international tour. Who said time travel wasn’t possible?

The idea of having a holographic showcase of one of the world’s most iconic and loved musicians does seem quite outrageous however, this ground-breaking venture could possibly open new doors into the technology and entertainment industries of the future. The beauty of this virtual reality masterpiece will be its ability to relive their magic of the 70s and 80s that continues to bloom into the 21st century. Such an experience could possibly allow today’s society to experience the excitement that sparked the many ABBA fans 30 years ago yet, will it really be the same?

It has been told that the digital avatars will be constructed with the utmost precision including every hairline, facial expression and movements along with live vocals from their 1977 Australian tour in order to relive the energy and spirit of the band to their fans. The project requires a great amount of time and skill and hopes to be launched by 2019. This very sensational new form of entertainment, technology and art has involved the collaboration of all four members of ABBA, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, Universal and Spice Girls’ former manager Simon Fuller to create the unimaginable.

Although it is not the first of its kind as in 2014, Michael Jackson was recreated as a hologram to perform at the Billboard Music Awards, it is definitely the first to be launched for a long-anticipated global tour.


If this project does become humanity’s next greatest achievement, how far will we go? As an ABBA fan, I honestly view this new innovation as an exciting one that will bring us closer to time travel and emerge more opportunities in the fast growing technology industry. Albeit, there are always certain extents which are best to avoid whilst some may say modern technology can never replace or at least be equivalent to history’s treasures.

What do you think of holographic live entertainment? Comment below.

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