Part 1- The Last Dates and Australia’s Broken Heart

It had come down to the final three on Wednesday the 13th of September and this episode was what Australia expected but did not want to accept. Unsurprisingly Laura (right) had battled her way to the end with the fan favourite Tara (left), as well as Elise (middle) who managed to score herself a premium seat at the Matty show. This episode saw the girls embark on their final dates with Matty, who would have guessed one would have been on a boat (shocker). As it was the girl’s final opportunity to persuade Matty’s decision, even though it was already made, all of the girls made sure Matty knew how they felt. Some common statements being “I can see myself falling for you” or “I am falling for you”. I’ll be honest I have consistently been a fan of Matty and was excited when he became the bachelor however this episode was a bit much Matthew. Like we get that you can’t be ‘bias’ but please stop with the compliments because you can’t have them all. And the compliments aren’t the basic ones they are lengthy poems which come across quite scripted. I mean if you think Tara has the most beautiful voice you’ve ever heard than you would obviously pick her (or not). I would go into each date but you only need to watch one because he uses the same lines.

Matty to every girl:

“This date was amazing, I had such a good time”

“I can really see myself being with her”

“When we’re together we have such a great time”

“She really makes me laugh and it’s so easy to imagine a future with her”


Rose Ceremony

The final rose ceremony for the season was commencing with one girl to be evicted with the remaining two moving forward.

The tension leading up to this moment was real. My palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy (hahah), but seriously heart palpitations were real. Deep down, like really deep down I knew what would happen but I refused to believe it. I tried to talk myself out of thinking my favourite’s time was up but my past bachelor experiences have left me broken so why would this season be any different (rip Nikki and bachelorette Matty J). Osher enters as the music plays the usual intense beat that foreshadows the truth that I am still salty about.  The first called is Laura aka Georgia Love 2.0, which no one is surprised by. The two left were Elise and the absolutely perfect, gorgeous and hilarious Tara who anyone would be happy with. I could see it in Matty’s eyes that he was about to break a heart. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and crossed my fingers but Matty didn’t consider my feelings when he called Elise.



Big mistake. HUGE. I was not impressed to say the least as I cried for the beautiful future he could have had with Tara. She was gutted, I was gutted, Australia was gutted and Laura was beaming. I tell myself to stop watching this show, it’s a toxic relationship but I’m to invested. He took her by the hands, gave her a petty excuse and sent her on her way. Please enjoy this collage of reactions.

Part 2- Meeting the Family and the Georgia Love Look a Like

The most anticipated night of this year had arrived. Matty would be walking away with the winner whilst the runner up would be getting a ticket home. On a positive note, although one girl would not be taking Matty home they at least got a trip to Thailand, how fun.  The final episode is when Matty introduces the last two to his family which were three brothers and his mother. Elise was the first to meet the fam and in my eyes completely smashed it. She fit in so well, having a great laugh and appeared to be comfortable around them. Matty’s mother, the worshipped woman herself, took Elise away for a motherly chat which was well received and left Mother Matty hopeful Elise would be the one. Then came Laura dun dun dun. She was quite nervous. Verbal diarrhoea is one way to describe what happened. The look on Matty’s brother’s face was priceless. He was not amused as she deflected his attempts to ask a question. In my opinion Elise was winning the families votes but maybe I missed something cause Matty wasn’t giving Laura up so easily despite mother knowing best. You do you Matty J, you do you.

The Big Decision

The girls travelled to the final decision spot by boat (biggest trust, we get it Matty you like boats). Everyone who has ever watched the show knows that the first girl to step out of the car, this time the boat, is the one who is second best. I wasn’t the biggest fan of either girl because Tara was and always will be the perfect choice in my eyes, so I wasn’t emotionally connected to the decision. Or so I thought. I knew. You knew. Australia knew. Laura was always going to win but the slightest chance she might not was wiped away when Elise stepped out first with that high slit dress. I cried. I did not think I would but I did. She was so happy and so smiley. Osher was no help he just stood in front of her and sent her to heartbreak island. That’s a problem. Elise stood in front of Matty and in his mind he just wanted the show to move along so he could be reunited with Georgia Love, sorry I mean Laura.

Matty’s Choice Shortened:

“Elise we have had an amazing journey together and we have formed such a strong connection. You are such a lovely and kind girl (insert close up of Elise looking worried because she knows) who has been so open to this experience and I’m lucky to have gotten to know you. I came on this journey to find love and to find a partner in life and I have found that but I’m sorry it’s with someone else.”

Elise is devastated and I can’t help but feel it too. Matty had the chance to redeem himself after sending Tara home but he wanted to keep himself in my bad books. I applause Elise for her composure as she turned away from Matty and waited until she was hidden before dropping to her knees and crying, truly upsetting. Matty was upset for a hot minute before he put his game face on and awaited the arrival of his first choice. Laura arrived, Osher greeted her and she came face to face with Mr Matty J. She knew she was going to win but still told Matty “it’s okay just do it” thinking he was gonna break her heart. He said he loved her, gave her a promise ring and apparently all was right in the world.

The Bachelorette 2017 starts on Wednesday the 20th of September get keen for more upsetting decisions.



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