The world is a truly TERRIFYING place-seriously, even writing this article gave me the shivers.

So, in the spirit of all thinks spooky and scary, here are the 5 creepiest and freakiest murder cases EVER that are 100% guaranteed to give you nightmares (and if they don’t…what’s wrong with you??)


  1. The Murder of Candace Newmaker

This story actually makes me shudder every time I think about it. An adopted 10 year old Candace was taken to therapy to help cope with being separated from her biological parents. During a ‘rebirthing’ session where she was wrapped in a flannel to recreate a womb, multiple adults including her mother and therapist sat on her, restricting her ability to get out. She screamed in her attempts to escape, while her therapist taunted her saying ‘You want to die? Ok then die.” She vomited and excreted whilst trapped, and after 40 minutes, suffocates to death. The entire session was transcribed, and it truly will give you chills.


  1. Lionel Tate:


Tate was convicted of killing a 6 year old girl at a young 13 years of age. Apparently, they were play-wrestling in his basement where he was incredibly violent, lacerating her liver and fracturing her skull. He became the youngest person in the US to be given a life sentence.


  1. Carl Newton Mahan


6 year old Carl had an argument with an 8 year old girl over a piece of scrap metal in 1929. Both wanting to sell it to make money, she hit him in the face with the metal, to which he reacted to shooting her to death with a shotgun. This guy was 6. SIX!!???! Someone please explain to me why a 6 year old had a gun AND knew how to use it!!


  1. The ‘Granny Ripper’


At the age of 68, Tamara Samsonova killed and ATE at least 11 people, keeping a diary in which she detailed her crimes. She even killed her best friend, Valentina Ulanova by drugging her salad.


  1. Lisa Montgomery



In 2004, Montgomery befriended a heavily pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnet only to then strangle her with a rope, cut up her belly and take out her baby. When Bobbie woke up and tried to wrestle the baby out of Montogomery’s hands, she was killed. HORRIFIC



So there you are- 5 of the creepiest murders that are truly horrific and are bound to keep you up at night

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