By Ella Donlevy, year 8


1. Zombie Brain Cupcakes

These super cute treats are so easy to make all you have to do is…

  • Make a batch of your most favourite cupcake recipe, it can be any flavour
  • Whip up a batch of plain vanilla buttercream icing and dye it red/pink, here’s the measurements and how to do it
    • Put 125g of softened butter and 1 ½ cups of powdered sugar in a bowl
    • Beat until light and fluffy
    • Slowly add the red food colouring
  • Put it into a piping bag and then make 2 straight lines in the centre, then fill in the room on the rest of the cupcakes with squiggly lines
  • Enjoy!


2. Ghost Strawberries


To create these adorable phantoms, you will need to….

  • Take some strawberries and dip them in melted white chocolate
    • To melt the chocolate, you put it in the microwave in 10 second intervals
  • Allow them to begin to set in room temperature for 5 minutes
  • Then add 3 mini chocolate chips for the 2 eyes and the mouth


3. Monster Rice Cereal Treats

To make these creepy crispy treats you will need to….

  • In a pot combine butter and mini marshmallows till melted, then add the food colouring in whatever colour you want.
  • Then quickly fold in the rice cereal treats
  • Dump the mixture onto a table and separate into your monster clumps
  • Add the candy eyes and place in the fridge to set


I hope you enjoy these scrumptious sweets!

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