By Chiara Bragato, Year 12


As we all know Christmas is coming up! And the holidays start next week, which means, you will have plenty of time to spare. To fill the time, watching a Christmas movie can get you in the spirit, excited and smiling (even though there is no chance of a white Christmas).

5 classic Christmas movies have been listed here for your convenience, with a little synopsis if you’ve never heard of it.


A family movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, guarantees fun and laughter for y. It’s got jokes for the whole family, and promises to get you excited for Christmas, and may convince you to step up your decoration game.

The Grinch decides to ruin Christmas for the excited citizens of Whoville. Joined by his adorable dog, Max, the Grinch appears from his mountaintop and sneaks into the town. After meeting Cindy Lou Who, however, things take a turn.




If you haven’t seen Love Actually by now, you’ve been missing out. Featuring some of the greatest love stories ever told, it manages to explain the importance of love of all kinds, through stories that somehow all mysteriously relate. With classic actors, this movie pulls at your heart, will make you laugh, cry and (possibly) yell at the screen for people to just tell the truth already. It guarantees to move you and showcases the love that Christmas is really all about.




The Polar Express is basically a rite of passage for all kids growing up. When a young boy takes an epic train ride to the North Pole he learns that life holds magic, if you just believe. Watching the movie, you feel like a little kid again, trying to stay awake to catch Santa. With the snow and scenery, you can’t help but feel cosy watching this movie, and the animation makes it awesome.





Home Alone is one of the most ingenious movies of all time. Telling the story of a kid who gets left at home, while his family go on holidays for Christmas, this movie is ingenious. The pranks alone will impress you, and the whole situation is guaranteed to make you laugh. The snow, decorations and story will really make you appreciate your family this Christmas. Plus there are two sequels if you can’t get enough!





Telling the story of a divorced dad, The Santa Clause has a lot of surprises. After an accident, Scott learns that he must become Santa – and gets to live at the North Pole! This movie has all the classic elements – elves, reindeer, snow and, of course, Santa. Whilst it tells the Christmas story a little differently, it will still make you laugh and yearn for a white Christmas.







Images: original movie covers/promotional media.

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