By Sanjana Ramachandran, Year 12


Yay! It’s time to jump and scream because SUMMER IS HERE! Everybody in Australia is getting ready for Christmas and New year! I am guessing that most of you have planned to either travel domestically or internationally with family. For example, I am going camping in Adelaide for one week with my family. How exciting!

However, there are some of you there who might feel so confused as to what to do in the holidays. (apart from travel!)

Don’t worry about it! The purpose of my article is to fill your head with ideas about how you can make your holidays the most memorable that when school opens you will want to walk back into the summer.

Here are some things that you can do in the summer vacation:

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Go to the spa.
  3. Get a manicure/pedicure.
  4. Read some interesting books.
  5. Go to concerts or music festivals.
  6. Have a safe new year party.
  7. Sit in the backyard and jam to your favourite music.
  8. Experiment with new recipes in the kitchen.
  9. Go on a shopping spree at your favourite mall.
  10. Catch up on movies and TV shows on Netflix.
  11. Go for a run in the local park.
  12. Play with your dog.
  13. Volunteer in the community.
  14. Relax in the pool.
  15. Go to the cinema.
  16. Set a sprinkler in the backyard and get wet.
  17. Play your favourite sport.
  18. Take dance lessons.
  19. Go for a yoga class.
  20. Write a blog.
  21. Catch up with old friends.
  22. Go to the city.
  23. Have an Australia Day barbecue!


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